We create an open decentralized streaming network

on which everybody can create their own space to share their everyday experiences for a straight value.


Our vision was to create the marketplace where users will directly receive the stream from the place they currently want to see, visit, find out what they look like at the moment or get advice here and now with direct access to the person who creates the content.

Existing challenges

Higher resolution videos and larger bandwidth capabilities present new challenges, as networks are more likely to experience a bandwidth crunch.

Users problems

Lack of direct and immediate knowledge about how the place of your destination looks like. Present services with the amount of data is not easy to look through or read.

Currently there is no tool that would enable you to communicate with people you do not know, but who are living in the location you would like to learn about.

Online streaming platforms are not equipped with tools that would enable interaction with the participants and recipients of streams, especially in the form of sharing with them everyday experiences.

Lack of competitive platforms addressed to vendors and lack of easy access to their target influencers and streamers who promote local services even from global perspective.


We create an open decentralized streaming network, on which everybody can create their own space to share their everyday experiences for a straight value.

There is no real provider who allows people to create a community and start streaming content with such ease. Facebook lets you create a community (calls it groups), but it’s only uniqueness is a name, group has to follow global facebook rules and in fact is bound to whole facebook platform. On the other hand you have a Youtube, where you can stream a video, but you are in a one bag with all the others in the world out there causing you to be a small piece of sand in a sandstorm. And here comes Travvil all in white. Go out with an idea, pick the “universe” settings, decide about permissions inside your community and just start streaming from your phone. You can create totally new community or join one that you like. We call it Travvil 3.0 - even more social, closer to people, linked with them.


Live video creates an emotional connection with audiences which simply isn’t achievable through other types of digital marketing or communications. Live streaming advancements from social media providers have mainstreamed. Leading brands and retailers to go beyond social media for their live video strategies by including their owned and operated channels.

Creating and sharing content is an essential part in how young consumers enjoy their favorite brands and consume digital media. Viewing the result of other consumers’ effort dominates their time spent on video content.

Our solution gives the possibility for the creator, so that knowledge about his property is always available to subsequent users. It is also important that the creator is automatically rewarded for intellectual digital property.

Proof-of-Ownership: Individual Video Ownership “IVO”. It is a blockchain marker we create used in every video and pinned by us in the moment the content is being created on Travvil platform.

IVO allows for checking and tracking Digital Ownership of every video in the world - be it a tourism-related video, video clip, global platform content, video introducing a company based in London, livestream from a beach in Thailand, a short video from a celebrity wedding in Cancun, or testings of the deepwater robot - the IVO marker can be used with any kind of video created.

Core Team


Jakub Mazurkiewicz CEO & Founder

Last years Co-owner of IT company mainly processes systems for banks, lottery operators, and telecoms. Responsible for marketing and sales. Co-founder of commercial companies carrying out production contracts between China and Europe. In the last year, socially connected with the largest senior organizations in Poland. Member of the parliamentary committee on Senior Policy in Poland. Startup advisors, speaker, blockchain enthusiast . Advocate of balanced tourism.


Karol Król CSO & Co-Founder

Karol Król – cofounder of Collaborative Economy Center (cgs.org.pl/en), Vicepresident of Polish Crowdfunding Society and owner of crowdfunding.pl. He is a frequent conference speaker, advisor on alternative finance and crowdsourcing and helps early stage companies raise funds. He is an author of a book „Crowdfunding. From idea to business, with help from the crowd” and contributor to many publications, including „A framework for european crowdfunding” and „Moving Mainstream. The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report”. He also organises series of events called „Innovation in SMEs financing”. He is a graduate from capital investments at Poznan University of Economics. In the past he was involved in ICT and e-commerce projects. He is a mentor to AIP Business Link and cooperates with several NGOs. Specialties: Seed financing, especially crowdfunding, IT start-ups Financing and management of non-profits, crowdsourcing and new media.


Grzegorz Grzegorski CPO & Co-Founder

Executive MBA, marketing and product manager, business developer for future on-line services and other end-user products, expert in implementing e-commerce and digital communications solutions. More than 15 years of experience, including 10 years in marketing team management. Successfully developed and executed marketing mix strategies for own and third-party products. Unique capacity to use new technologies and tools for creating products, e-commerce customer journeys, and communication plans. Natural ability to think outside the box and approach challenges from different perspectives. Extensive experience in cooperating with key clients such as Netflix, Google, HBO, Tidal, Showmax. Single point of contact for Deutsche Telekom concerning new product development.
Key areas of expertise:
- Products and offers for B2C clients (PayTV, on-line security, zero-rating, IoT);
- Value-added services (video and music on demand, ebooks and audiobooks, gaming, Premium SMS, direct billing);
- Product development;
- Marketing communication through direct and digital channels;
- Creating and developing new business opportunities;
- VOD market, IPTV, OTT, and nPVR solutions, Android TV, big data in business and business analytics.


Maciej Kwas CTO & Co-Founder

Member of Smashing Magazine Experts Panel and Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Visual Communication. Photoshop fanboy. More than 10 years of experience in web development. Finished dozens of projects for biggest companies in the world. JavaScript, TypeScript and Vue.js Lover. Experience in C#, php and node.js.


Jacek Mamot COO & Director of Team Management and Product lead

Executive Manager with 25 years of experience in project and process management in many industries (IT, Telco, Finance, Automotive, FMCG, Publishing, Consumer Goods, Real estate) and functions (marketing, sales, customer care, operations, supply chain, IT). He personally managed projects with budgets over 1 mln EUR and teams over 50 members. Supervisory Boards member and advisor to Board Members of companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange As a project manager he's specialty is high risk projects and crisis management. He is lector at postgraduate studies "Project Management" at The Warsaw University of Technology (subject: "Risk management for Project Managers") Expert in Change Management and Project Management. His strong interpersonal and communications skills are valuable asset in teams consisting of highly specialized experts. Certified Data Protection Officer (DPO/GDPR). Education: Applied Matematics and Physics at The Warsaw University of Technology (with specialization: Applied IT)


Bolesław Kraus Director of Global Cooperations and Sales

The experienced CEO, New Business Development and Sales Director (incl. CEE region) with over 17 years of expertise in business and project management, as well as with an impressive track of success in building companies from scratch to prosperous business. He was a founder and investor in several companies operating in data center and IT industry. All of which were sold to the industry investors or shareholders. While building companies, he was responsible for seed capital investors' acquisition and subsequently for acquiring investors interested in purchasing companies he founded. The Data Center he built up from scratch was bought by Equnix – one of the biggest company in the world operating in the data center market – yet on the construction stage. He convinced Enterprise Investors (one of the largest private equity operating in Central Europe) to invest in the new project he runs. He managed large teams in distributed structures and worked in an international environment with responsibility for business development in numerous countries. He holds a diploma in Management from the French Institute of Management and Warsaw School of Economics and an Executive MBA diploma from the Business School of the Polytechnic, London Business School, HEC School of Management Paris and the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.


Krzysztof Janik CFO


Paulina Gielniewska Director of streamers and Influencers acquisition

Music/ Entertainment industry entrepreneur. Passionate about Start-ups and APPs and the internationalization of them through entertainment. With particular emphasis on the development of new technologies, streaming services or social media. Always in charge of communicating and leading the creation & new business teams, responsible for development & image creation. As the CEO, Paulina helped raise money, create the vision for the product, sign major partnerships, and helped the company get acquired by, she also guides the company’s entertainment strategies by curating their music associations and embedding brands into culture through music and live shows. Her career in tech continued to flourish. She lead people’s tastemakers content in web & mobile and many other product initiatives at VEVO. Honored for creating the 'most promising' music streaming application of 2014 in Silicon Valley according to the Top innovators rank. Paulina has been created a content for ‘music taste generator" of the American streaming application called LISTN, successfully sold for Beatport - one of the biggest music streaming platform Owned by Apple Inc. Paulina has also spent her last years a PR manager for the leading brands in the field of “lifestyle & entertainment” such as Reebok and Puma. When she is not busy making connections, furthering her network, or being one of most influential women in Polish music industry with worldwide know-how cominitee.


Arron Chee Director of South Asian Expansion and Blockchain Expert

Aaron, a blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with more than six years of experience in project management and business strategist and more than one year of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyperledger, EOS, XEM, NEO, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. Aaron has garnered more than 6 years’ experience in finance technology (fintech) and property industry. He started to have interest in finance at a very early age and has built his career and vast connections in the property industry. Throughout the years, Aaron has achieved in excess of 2.5 Billion USD under his portfolio of investments. One of his greatest achievement worth mentioning is the total sales of 200 million USD in property development was accomplished in a matter of 2 days. Aaron has served a number of reputable developers like UDA HOLDINGS, Sime Darby, Mah Sing, UEM Land, I&P Group, DRB-HICOM and UDA Land. He was mainly responsible for strategic planning, branding, designing and the execution of their property launching. His tacit knowledge and self-learned skills in blockchain technology, finance management, and futures trading have allowed him to hold the reins of several international companies. He used to be transferred overseas for market research while attending programs, as well as to develop the market. Aaron acquired extensive experience in start-up ventures after joining the investment business. He is also a certified financial technician (CFTe) and one of the first few people who involved in Financial Technology (Fintech) industry before it has been popularised.


Rafał Kiełbus Director of Blockchain development

Into Bitcoin technology since 2012. Self-taught programmer. Over 6 years on biggest Polish Bitcoin forum as moderator (also top post count). Author of number of articles and speeches about Bitcoin, Blockchain and DLT under common title “Rafał prostuje Bitcoin…” (Rav3n’s Bitcoin simplified). Speeches in “Digital money and blockchain forum”, “Crypto congress”, ASBiRO, “Blockchain meetup Łódź”, “Beer&Bitcoin”, “Blockchain tech congress”, “Blockchain Alliance Warsaw”. Collaborator in “Blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies” stream in Polish Ministry of digitization. 2017/2018 developer in Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technology. Creator of one of biggest fork for mining pool software P2Pool that support over 50 currencies. Bitcoin Core contributor. dPLN, Polcoin and PLNcoin developer. Co-author of ebook “Kryptowaluty: zrozum i inwestuj”. Co-founder of the Polish Chamber of Blockchain.


Artur “Seti” Łabudziński Main Software Architect

Creating distributed applications (nodes with central management) in NodeJS, connected via websockets. Creating a financial application (for a pharmaceutical company) - web, C#, JS (Angular Writing and correcting many applications written in PHP (from version 4 to version 7.2). Several applications for Mattel, Loreal and a few other companies. Knowledge: MySQL, Postgres and Oracle. Familiar with blockchain technology for more than a year in development.


Jarosław Staniek Software Architect and Developer. Technical Group Leader

Master of Science - University of Warsaw Software engineer with management, evangelical and teaching skills. 20+ years of professional experience and 14+ years in Open Source. Worked on a wide variety of projects involving software frameworks, portability and developer experience, everything that is empowering software teams. Particularly interested in single-source cross-platform development and usable graphical interfaces offering decent user experience, transparently integrated with the underlying platform. Specialties: Software development, boosting maintainability, user interfaces, APIs and frameworks design, cross-platform programming using Qt application framework (since 1998, http://qt-project.org) and KDE frameworks (since 2003, http://techbase.kde.org/Development), improving developer tools, training for developers, wikis, software porting (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, mobile platforms), efficient Open Source/dual licensing models.


Lukas Tvrdy Senior Software Engineer

Master of Science - Technical University of Ostrava. 10+ years of professional C++ experience building commercial and open-source specialized software system. Acting as senior software engineer as well as team leader.


Michał Zyndul Senior Software Engineer

Master of Engineering - Opole University of Technology Interactive developer whom started the journey of development over 10 years ago. I have developed complete application solutions from both the front-end (design) and backend (data architecture) development sides. Through this process he becomes quite familiar with several intuitive frameworks and design patterns understanding when, how and why to implement what strategy in each given solution I provide. Specialities in Web development, OOP, Python Javascript, Django. Other; Python enthusiast, Vagrant , Version control systems (SVN, GIT, Mercurial), Basic Linux administration skills, Linux/OSX/Windows user.


Michał Janowski Senior Software Engineer

Master of Engineering - Wroclaw University of Technology 6+ years of professional full-stack experience building complex web systems. Specializing in UI/UX and design too.


Jakub “Black” Stępniak Project Manager

Graphic artist in the 3rd generation. Since childhood he was associated with ecological movements and their protests. Creator of international sales structures for Amway, FunWorld and FitForSukcesAcademy. Since 20 years in advertising, co-created campaigns for brands like Daewoo, GSM Era and PRÓCHNIK S.A. In his spare time he crafts wood and design, for example interiors for Polish celebrities. Currently working with the largest YouTubers in Poland in the e-commerce area.


Tomasz “Yami Kitsune” Szcześniewski Social Media and Asian Expert

Original fanpage content creator. White marketing and whisper marketing. Applications planner; human relations. Advanced marketing reporting. Lived in Japan for almost half of his life as a priest.


Gina Amama Africa Market Lead

Experienced Studio Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry. Skilled in Photography, Art Direction, Advertising, Fashion Photography, and Portrait Photography. Strong media and communication professional graduated from London College of Fashion.


Karol Cieśluk Global Researcher

Student of economics and finance at Bocconi University Milan, passionate traveller, photographer. Karol is an experienced global traveller with an understanding of the different approaches to travelling based on trends, traveller's wealth and the country of origin. Passionate about aviation, travel, economics and photography with fluent Polish, English, Germany languages.



Norbert Biedrzycki Heads the McKinsey Digital in CEE

Combining strategic advisory with deployment of advanced IT solutions, from complex digital transformation through rapid deployment of business applications, advanced analytics, to Artificial Intelligence and blockchain based solutions. Previously, Norbert was as the President of the Management Board and CEO of Atos Polska, and was also the CEO of ABC Data S.A. and the President of the Management Board and CEO of Sygnity S.A. He had previously also worked for McKinsey as partner and, at the beginning of his career, he was the head of Oracle's consulting and business development services. Norbert's passion is technology – he is interested in robotization, automation, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, VR, AR, and IoT and the impact modern technologies have on our economy and society.


Piotr Pietrzak CTO & CEE Energy & Utilities Industry Technical Leader, Executive Architect at IBM

A dynamic technical leader, with extensive experience in a variety of industry domain encompassing roles such as consulting and solution design. Customer business developer and influencer. Dedicated to provide the best possible customer service (strong business orientation), working hard to understand a customer’s needs and perspective. Creating enduring client relationships based on trust, credibility, and relevance. Making timely decisions by balancing the need for action with the need for an objective, fact-based perspective that optimizes data, intuition, and expertise. Accurately identify client business, technical challenges and develop innovative and quality solutions that maximize use of available resources and increase efficiency and profitability.


Alexi Vereschaga CEO & Co-founder at AwardWallet

He leads the development efforts of, which he launched in 2004. From its inception, Alexi has been AwardWallet's product visionary. He is focused on continual improvement of AwardWallet to meet the needs of its members and to respond to the evolving rewards program landscape, which is reflected in AwardWallet's recognized leadership in rewards management. Prior to the creation of AwardWallet, Alexi worked in global enterprise IT Services organizations including, Aelita Software, Quest Software, and Dell. Over 16 years his responsibilities expanded from web development and support to technical account management and systems consulting. Throughout this time Alexi worked with clients including PepsiCo, Inc., Morgan Stanley, ExxonMobil, Fidelity Investments, United Technology, and Publix. Alexi attended Utah State University where he played NCAA Division I Men's College Tennis. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Information Systems Management from Franklin University. Alexi further received a Master of Information Systems Management from DeVry University. Alexi and his wife have three daughters and a son; his hobbies include tennis, kiteboarding, snowboarding, and playing guitar.


Lukasz Paszkiewicz Co-founder at Financeworldexpo

Advisor to the boards: Echarge.work, Bullcoin Gold, Serenity Financial, Executive Advisor to the Management Board Travvil – Global Travelers Commuinty. ICO Advisor in LinkCoin ltd. Lukasz graduated from Law and Economics Science at Warsaw University and Center for American Studies at University of Florida, Levin College of Law. He began his professional career as a lawyer in Weil, Gotshal and Manges. In 2001 he won Vontobel Prize and was a scholar of Vontobel Bank AG in Zurich. For 10 years he worked in First International Traders Dom Maklerski SA as Chairman of the Management Board when he conducted the licensing process by the FSA without using the external law firm. He was also Member of Investment Committee, Member of Risk Committee, since 2008-2010 Compliance Officer and Director of Sales Department when he managed 35 sales staff in Warsaw, Poland and Prague (Czech Republic). Since 2014 he was Regional Director in CFH Group (CFH Clearing, CFH Systems) when he was responsible for Poland and Middle/East European Countries. Mr Paszkiewicz has also great consultancy experience. He cooperated in various projects with such companies like: Swissquote, Velocity, PlutusGroup, TERA FX. He also took part as advisor in M&A transaction of IFM Trade – Australian licensed ASIC broker.


Rafał Jarosz CEO & Co-Founder at Customers Heroes

Since 2001 focused on delivering highly specialized services. As a manager or advisor worked on over 60 Customer Care, Satisfaction or Retention projects for 40 local and global players like AXA, ING, Ergo, T-mobile, Orange, Prudential. His expertise comes from various industries - telco, new technologies, finance, insurance, energy, e-commerce or logistics. He managed or supported Customer oriented projects with teams up to 1300 people delivering changes in strategy, operations or technology. As a keynote speaker was present on 40+ industry events. As an expert recognized with 3 international awards and 3 domestic ones. As a mentor involved in two acceleration programs (MIT Enterprise Forum and YBP).


Peter E.Braun Head, Fundraising & Growth, OS Scaleup Ventures

EBAN, Member of the Broad of Directors Peter has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur as well as in various senior and top management positions in the aerospace (Airbus group) and automotive industries (Daimler). He has successfully launched two industrial companies and two finance related enterprises. As a founder and entrepreneur he completed two IPOs one in the United States and one in Germany. And accompanied several others. He is a much sought after coach for start-ups, a compelling speaker and a highly demanded senior advisor and board member. Peter is an active board member at EBAN. The European Trade Association for Business Angels Seed Funds and other Early Stage Market Players ( www.eban.org) in Brussels. Having invested in over 40 companies with his investment structure Peter has build a vast network in various hightech verticals. Amongst other activities, Peter is currently engaged in supporting Silicon Valley and European co-investment and expansion strategies.


Christopher “Che” Mott Managing Principal, OS Scaleup Ventures & Chair, Global Venture Forum

Christopher aka Che has worked with emerging technology companies & global brands like United Airlines, Apple, Cisco, Disney, Fidelity, BofA, General Electric, Caterpillar, eBay and Google. Led multiple US GTM for venture funded and independent scaleups the Cloud, NLP/AI, Omnichannel, mCommerce, IoT & Data Privacy domains. Founded OS after seeing how revenue and partner proof points in US help entrepreneurs grow shareholder value faster. Lead US Sprints in 2018 with Synerise (AI Marketing Cloud) Netis (Blockchain), Privacycheq (GDPR) and XTPL (advanced manufacturing). Former Venture Capital partner with ex-CEO Philips, consultant to Hong Kong VC CNK Telecoms and currently a Venture Partner with European VC. Began career with IBM in the US doing large scale ERP projects, then co-founded Internet company with one of largest SaaS deployments in the world with GE. UC Berkeley MBA 2000.


Mohammad Gaber Global Practice Director, Digital Strategy

Mohammad is an accomplished digital executive, successful entrepreneur, data strategist and startup advisor. He currently leads the global travel strategy practice at Adobe. His current research centers around transformation strategy, operating model design and AI intersections. In addition to his successful start-up experience Mohammad was previously the Global Head of Travel Industry at Adobe, Led the digital transformation strategy at Air Canada, as well as strategic digital marketing and optimization positions at United Airlines, Pepsico and SAP/Ariba. Mohammad is an avid sailor and photographer, and is based in the SF/Bay area.


Bart Bellers Founding Partner & CEO, Xpdite Ventures

Bart is a passionate out-of-the-box thinker, a proclaimed maverick and sought-after speaker with over 20 years’ experience in travel technology, startup ecosystems and corporate innovation. "THINK DIFFERENT & JUST DO IT", is what he believes in. As Founding Partner and CEO of Xpdite Ventures, he launched a new breed of investment firm, a hybrid model between a venture capital and a startup studio. Before, Bart founded an innovation consultancy agency and held several executive positions for the world’s leading travel tech company, Amadeus IT Group. As the architect behind Amadeus NEXT, the leading travel tech community in APAC, he built up a solid network with global relations in the startup ecosystem. In a previous life, he successfully led commercial and e-business projects at the leading edge of technology and founded a startup that transformed the way companies moved online. Pragmatic and result oriented, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, forward thinking and technology background, Bart is an early adopter of the Lean Startup and committed to take startups to the next level, increase the returns of investors and speed up corporate innovation.


Rafał Pytlak CEO at Ożóg/Pytlak


Phase 2017

2Q 2017

The main concept of Travvil related to the technology and users

4Q 2017

Travvil algorithm and final main concept set up

Core advisors assembled

Phase 2018

2Q 2018

The core team foundation

Marketing strategy established

3Q 2018

Infrastructure tests

Analysis and preparation of architecture

Launching of a smart contract

Working wallet

First seed investors

Roadshow with the pitch deck

4Q 2018

Minimum Viable Product

Start vertical cooperation with Global Ventures and Partners

Phase 2019

1Q 2019

Tokens distribution

Expansion of the development team

Viral giveaway for the community

Exchange setup

2Q 2019

Implementation of blockchain circuit

Building network of partners

Testing of first streams and transactions

3Q 2019

Streaming platform preparation

Start of sales expansion in Europe

Community building and expansion with CSR projects

Volunteers network building

Influencer-centered marketing

iOS and android apps

Travvil API to integrate the platform with other systems

4Q 2019

Language tests for the next markets, created with natives

Start of sales expansion in the USA, Korea, and Thailand

Streaming platform


Phase 2020

1Q 2020

Integration with vendors platforms

Travvil platform done

Tests of sales expansion in China, Japan, and India

Network development of partners, vendors, and merchants

2Q 2020

Further development of the platform

Sales expansion

3Q 2020

Start of sales expansion in China, Japan, and India

The final setup for offices in Europe, North America, East Asia

4Q 2020

Open-sourcing Travvil's API

Start of sales expansion in Indonesia and Australia