Travvil is a mobile app that lets you place an order for a direct video stream showing any place, object or event you want to inspect.

Stay where you are, see what you need

Travvil is a mobile app that connects streamers and viewers, allowing you to get a close look at places you won't or can’t get to. It’s a digital marketplace for extreme times, allowing you to stay safe and still be able to connect with the world.

User Where is a need…

Where you can use Travvil App

The idea for Travill came to us in a different world, before the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to use it in the future, as planned. Meanwhile, the need for a streaming marketplace has grown exponentially. When you need to travel, but cant you still might be able to travvil. Let’s stay safe, but stay connected. Employ local streamers to see what you normally would go to see yourself. Help out those, that need to be out and about anyway. We need each other. Now more than ever.

Check out what your travel destination, hotel or nearby beaches really look like.

Has the party started? Is the concert already underway? Don’t rush - order a brief stream from the comfort of your couch and always arrive at the right moment.

You need to see a place, but have no way to get there? No worries! With Travvil you can be in many places at the same time.

You need to urgently deliver a message to someone, who’s currently unavailable or out of range? Hire a video streamer through Travvil and send him over with your message in his hand straight to the recipients doorstep.

You’re away and need to check on your construction project, apartment renovation or landscaping team you hired to remodel your yard? With us you can make sure everything is going exactly as you planned.

Nostalgic? Get a video postcard from your hometown, favorite vacation spot or any other place of significance with Travvil in a matter of minutes.

Streamer …there is a job

How you can earn money with Travvil App

#staysafe above all. But perhaps you can still provide footage that allows more social distancing, helps flatten the curve and can be used to supplement your budget.

Record videos and sell them through our app to those who need a streamer in your current whereabouts.

Pick up that phone and turn into a local reporter. With our app, you can receive offers from news portals and blogs that need an extra pair of eyes at your location.

Provide video recordings for Travvil’s business partners. Get to know and help in analyzing various services and products offered by companies in your region.

How it works

  • Pin the site you want to see on the map.
  • Wait for a streamer to record your video.
  • Receive your materials in exchange for a fixed payment.

Travvil is a mobile app that lets you place an order for a direct video stream showing any place, object or event you want to inspect.

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